Excellence Export of fresh fruit



Expofresh has agreements with lemon producers in Tucumán, supplying from March to August each year. In this area, plantations reach the best agro-climatic conditions for a superior quality.


The fruit is selected under strict quality standards and technological advances. That allows an uniform product in diameter and color.


Packaging and logistic are coordinated with versatility. The customer receives the fruit in the best condition in the shortest time.


Our strength is focused on a real service to customers, providing the exact answer to the needs, streamlining production with marketing and logistics.


Expofresh exports Cazul brand, as well as customer’s ones with the flexibility to adapt to the business needs.


Each unit has the necessary information that allows us to know, its entire log. In this way also ensures the quality of products and customer confidence.


The Expofresh quality standards can meet the requirements of different markets, ensuring consumers an excellent product freshness and flavor.