Excellence Export of fresh fruit



Expofresh offers full service and export logistics from packaging to commecialization in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.


Logistics and Marketing

Efficient logistics network ensures that the fruit is processed, packaged and designed with efficiency. It is exported under agreements with foreign distributors to reach target markets in a timely manner with appropriate warm and lowest possible costs, seeking the equation to get the best return.


Expofresh offers the following services

  • Receiving and Packaging
  • Domestic land freight
  • Fumigation, Refrigeration and Conditioning for export
  • Export
  • International Transport
  • .. And others of relevant interest.


Expofresh relationship with its producers is regulated by trade agreements which clearly specify the scope of its services and moved to Producers, improved commercial terms agreed with its international distributors.

Classification, Packaging and Cold

The plantations in the province of Buenos Aires have their own facilities for the Classification, Packaging and Cold, which allow the fruit to be processed immediately after harvest with the highest standards of quality and safety. During the harvest, every hour the fruit is collected and sent to the facility for cooling and processing and every day the fruit is packed and shipped for export.


Expofresh, the company responsible for the Logistics and Marketing, provides packaging services, spraying, cold and clearance for export through its associated Servifrío Ezeiza SA own centers, or installed directly in the field, providing also the packaging materials in full accordance with the requirements of each particular market.



Expofresh made land transport in refrigerated trucks to ensure the quality of its equipment and services. All vehicles are monitored in order to ensure the maintenance of cold chain. International transport are made by International Freightclass to ensure the collection of spaces for air and sea shipments in line with expertise in the handling of refrigerated containers with controlled and modified atmosphere Each year, careful planning Cargo Agents and Distributors, has yielded the best shipping rates on the market and achieve an efficiency of 100% top international distributors with which it has developed a deep expertise and business relationship, based on fulfillment of commitments to quality, planning,efficiency and transparency in management. Also, Expofresh Dealers offer the best trading conditions in international markets, both for its ability to sell as price levels.



As pioneering producers, the partners of Expofresh have acquired a wide experience in the export and commercialization. The scheme of commercialization of Expofresh is based on agreements by Distributors of the first international level with which it has developed a deep experience and commercial relation, based on the fulfillment of quality commitments, planning, efficiency and transparency in the management. Likewise, the Distributors of Expofresh offer the best conditions of commercialization of the international markets, both for his capacity of sale and for the levels of prices.


Insurance of the Quality and Traceability

Expofresh has implemented the procedures and systems, which allow to assure the quality of his services in every stage, from the packing up to the receipt in destination. They has effected important investments for the development of an integrated system for it, that includes modules of management of every realized action.


Cold and Conditioning for export

The Company SERVIFRIO EZEIZA is dedicated to the integral service of the conditioning and treatment of dried fruit, fulfilling the standard high places demanded for the sale on the domestic and international market.


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Production of other Producers

Expofresh offers services to producers of blueberries who are interested in offering fruit of excellent quality, it is already packed to export or to packing. The producers are carefully selected by the intention of assuring a homogeneous level of quality, to guarantee the balance sheet between the volumes to exporting and the capacities of processing and service.