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Own Production

The experience of more than 10 years as a producer of blueberries in Argentina,coupled with the ongoing efforts of its professionals, has enabled our fruit and processes to satisfy the growing demands of market quality. We also provided advice to producers on quality and profitability of your business.




The production itself begins each year with the harvest of early varieties in Tucuman,continues with the late harvest varieties in Buenos Aires and ends with the production of Chubut. Plantations have protection against hail and frost and its facilities have been certified by USA-GAP and GMP and EurepGAP.



Frutos del Bosque S.A.

Ruta 9 Km 87, Camino Pje. al Tatu SN – 2800 – Zárate Argentina

Frutos del Bosque

Code: 2003

Acres: 17
Plants: 60.000

Varieties: O’Neal, Bluecuinex, Revielle pampeana, Star, Misty, Emerald, Jewel.

Season: October / December


Finca el Roble S.A.

Camino las Siete Vueltas – 2806 – Lima – Partido de Zárate. Argentina

Siete Vueltas

Code: 2002

Acres: 14
Plants: 30.000

Varieties: Emerald, Misty, Star, Jewel.

Season: October / December


Tierra de Arándanos S.R.L.

Comuna de Oran Km 2,5 – Departamento de Monteros – Tucumán. Argentina

Tierra de Arándanos

Code: 3016

Acres: 50

Plants: 166.000

Varieties: Emerald, Star, Sapphire, Springhigh, Southern Bell, Abundance, Snowchaser, Primadonna, Palmeto, Camelia, Vernon, Rebel, Alapaha.

Season: September / December.


Finca el Roble S.A.

Valle Chico – Esquel – Chubut – Argentina

Code: 2002

Acres: 4

Plants: 18.000

Varieties: Legacy, Brigitta, Elliot, Bluecrosp.

Season: January / March